Our Team

We're a team of multidisciplinary storytellers looking to tell well balanced and powerful stories to achieve best outcome and understanding.

  • Paul Hilton


    With 25+ Years of experience as a photojournalist covering global environmental and conservation issues, Paul Hilton's next endeavor is closer to home. Kalamunda is his first feature documentary and his directorial debut. His journalistic tenacity and dedication to uncover the truth along with his large following will make for an influencial film.

  • Simon Carriere


    Simon is the producer of Kalamunda and in charge of communicating this crisis in interactive and meaningful ways. He's a creative technologist who's helped multiple startups realize their ideas and uses a data driven approach to tackle the biggest problems. He currently resides in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Meghan Halverson

    Production Manager

    Meghan is a co-founder and past President of Queensland Koala Crusaders and founding member of the National Koala Alliance, as well as producer of the 2012 award-winning film ‘Making Room for the Koala’. She is well known throughout the Australian conservation world for her passion and collaborative efforts on behalf of koalas and the wildlife that live in the forest under them.

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We acknowledge that we where not invited on this land, that it was stolen from the aboriginals community but came here to live, study and work with no official welcome.