The Story of Australian Forests

We seek to understand and communicate Australia's forest reality; from forest fires to clearcutting, from legislation to shifts in the business world. With a data driven approach to storytelling and the goal of providing alternative solutions for a more responsible world.

Reality of Scale

Acres of forest burnt in the last year alone
Of species are under threat of extinction
Acres of prime habitat is clear cut everyday
People working on laptops


About the Film

Kalamunda is a feature documentary that explores the devastating ongoing loss of Australian forest and fauna through the eyes of Paul Hilton. Paul who has spent the past 10 years documenting illegal wildlife trades in Asia came back to his native Australia to be shocked to discover that koalas are locally extinct in his own backyard.

Frustrated, Paul meets with environmentalists, the logging industry and the scientific community seeking to understand why Australia is losing and cutting more forest than anywhere else in the world and its impact on the native fauna.

With both sides refusing to compromise on their livelihood in a situation that is getting more tense and polarized, Kalamunda seeks to showcase the unbiased reality at scale and spark a stage for conversation. In its estimated ninety minute run time, Kalamunda will follow memorable characters, narrative moments and an emotional ride to its viewers. It’ll conclude by proposing a true, sustainable solution to this urgent crisis.

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